Why Chassis Focuses On Serving Vertically Organized Agencies

We built Chassis as a solution to the problems digital marketers face when trying to scale in a lean, cost-effective way.

In so many cases we saw small to mid-size agencies with fewer than 20 employees trying to serve hundreds of accounts with thousands of advertisements across different platforms. Unsurprisingly, their teams were being stretched so thin they could hardly keep up with the growing demands.

The stress put on their bandwidth led many teams to drop off significantly in terms of quality and customer service. For those that were able to add headcount on the fly, they were subject to lapses in delivery and spikes in cost that were remarkably high.

The frustrating thing was that many of these specialists were wasting their time on things like data entry and maintenance. An automation tool that cuts these tasks out of the equation would allow agencies to scale their businesses without falling victim to the typical challenges that come with growing too fast. What’s more, in the case of vertical agencies, they could do it in a way that would enhance their competitive advantages.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, the needs of SMBs do, too. The skills that were once seen as a competitive advantage – including SEO/SEM, Google or Facebook ads, and content marketing – have now been relegated to mere requisites to remain in business. True differentiation in digital marketing not only requires an expertise in digital marketing, but one in your client’s specific market(s).

Your clients trust you because you understand their inventory, best advertising practices, audiences, targeting, segmentation, key words, copy, etc. This level of expertise is the reason you were able to acquire those clients in the first place, but if you can’t extend this knowledge across your portfolio in an efficient and scalable way, then you can’t expect to grow.

Chassis provides you with a powerful template engine that brings this level of industry-specific knowledge to every ad campaign without time spent on clean up or maintenance. In fact, our clients have seen a reduction in campaign creation time by up to 75%.

When it comes to the ever-changing client needs like promotions, ad copy or campaign structure improvements, our platform provides an impact process that will propagate those changes at scale in real-time.

Similarly, actions that need to be applied based on performance can be adjusted across any and all campaigns in the time it takes to adjust just one.

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