How Chassis Automates and Optimizes Budgets

Anyone who has run ad campaigns before is all too familiar with the time and energy it takes to manage budgets. The process traditionally involves a large spreadsheet and a lot of elbow grease. Ad platforms do offer budget automation with dubious algorithms that offer a wide range of projected spend and consistently overshoot these estimations.

In most cases, your ad has a precise budget and a precise duration. You can't afford to be in the neighborhood of $1,000 for the month. You need to spend that budget exactly. You need to spend the full amount in order to make sure you're maximizing the investment and delivering the most value. At the same time, you can't afford to exceed that figure.  

In other words, the native platform budget features don't quite cut it.

As a result, each ad's budget and duration requires the user to constantly monitor the spend, ensure the funds are evenly allotted over the given time period, and make adjustments as needed – typically quite often. This manual process of pacing budgets is as tedious as it is outdated. Seeing these wasted hours of management led us to create the budget management module of our ad automation platform, Chassis.

Chassis' budget pacing feature allows our users to enter a budget over a specific time period at which point the system will automatically distribute the budget evenly across the number of days in the campaign. Budgets are spent precisely to the dollar and cent entered without any risk of going over. This alleviates a ton of work from users managing individual campaigns on one platform.  

But many advertisers will run the same campaign across multiple different channels that pull from the same budget. What then? Chassis users can now create budget groups within our platform that will optimize spend across various channels for a single campaign. Say you have an ad running on both Google and Facebook and your budget for the month is $1,000. Chassis will allocate budget to each individual ad in the most optimal configuration while spreading the total budget evenly across each day throughout the month. Alternatively, you can manually configure the split to your own liking if you want to devote 60% to Google and 40% to Facebook, as an example.

Chassis responds to changing KPIs and course corrects budgets accordingly. If you want to focus on CPL, but one platform is underperforming, Chassis will automatically devote more of that budget to the channel which is performing the best. Not only are you saving time by not having to micromanage each campaign's budget, but you're ensuring the return on every dollar is maximized more than it ever could be with a human at the wheel.

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