The automated ad platform for national-to-local brands

Equip your franchisees with the power to automate Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads without the overhead of building and maintaining direct integrations.

Frictionless integrations with your tech stack
Campaigns launched in minutes not days
Continuous updates of the latest Google & Meta ad features
Budget optimization across all campaigns
Predictable and lower development cost than building in-house
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Software That Serves YOU

Chassis’ high-powered under-the-hood infrastructure allows you to launch and manage localized ads at scale using pre-built templates that we help your team configure. You’re not simply left to your own devices to try to make a pure SaaS product work for your unique use case.

Most SaaS products on the market get you 80% of the way to your ideal localized ad solution. But when it comes to the last 20%, none of them offer the flexibility of Chassis.

You get the reliability and scalability, and proven performance of a SaaS product, configured to your specific use case.


Enable your franchisees to run Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads with ultimate simplicity

Stop worrying about low adoption by your franchisees, or that your business is a square peg that’s been sold a round-hole solution.

We’ll work with you to build exactly the front-end your franchisee users need that will excite and delight them – not the one-size-fits-all user interface of a typical SaaS product that’s designed for enterprise marketers.


Leverage the expertise of your marketing team across your entire franchisee network

Your marketing team can't possibly have the bandwidth to create and manage ads on behalf of hundreds or thousands of franchisees.

But Chassis' unique templating system allows every franchisee to harness the franchisor's marketing mastery without having to be an expert themselves.


Automation with control

Equip your franchisees with pre-approved ad templates and assets that comply with brand standards.

Unlock corporate-approved ads with the click of a button, while allowing for governance and necessary approvals for franchisee initiated campaigns.


You decide the roles and permissions of your franchisees' ad product -- not the other way around

Need to give regional directors a view into what's happening with franchisees in the region but without giving them editing rights? Or perhaps you want each individual franchisee to leverage the campaigns of their top-performing peers in other markets, without waiting for approval?

Whatever your specific use case, the Chassis team works with you to implement the optimal configuration that you define for your specific business.


Take the mental effort out of users creating their own ads

We'll help you build your own library of high-performing creative, with dynamic fields populated by your users' individual data, enabling franchisees to execute best-in-class campaigns at scale and in minutes.


An ad solution that meets users where they are

The Chassis team will work with you to build your ad solution to be accessible via your intranet or franchisee portal, as a standalone web or mobile app, or as part of any solution you decide.

Just one more way that Chassis helps increase adoption among your franchisees.


Get deep insight into your franchisees' campaign performance, in the reporting tools you already use

In a distributed marketing model, you may feel like you're flying blind in terms of what campaigns your franchisees are running, how much they're spending, and how those campaigns are performing.

Chassis' unique authentication structure gives your team deep insight into campaign spend and performance across your entire franchisee population.

And, we'll pipe that data directly into your current business intelligence tool, or help you build your own dashboard without any cumbersome setup.


Centrally manage and pace budgets for each of your franchisees

Ensure your franchisees are spending their co-op dollars wisely--and completely--with Chassis' built-in budget pacing module.

With Chassis you also have the ability to normalize budgets across whichever set of franchisees you choose, give your high-performers additional budget, or pause your low-performers' spend/



Don't just take our word for it, take Google and Meta's

Google and Meta know that their platforms are not ideally-suited for larger books of business, which is why they often refer clients to the Chassis team in order to build custom integrations with their ad platforms.