About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to remove the complexities from digital marketing, enabling businesses to use their first-party data to create a more effective offering. We believe that automation is a catalyst through which companies can be more productive and efficient in serving their clients and achieving scale.

Our Vision

Our vision is for organizations to be able to focus on the human value-adds of marketing where technology enables, guides, and helps implement strategic decisions with ease and without the manual redundancies. We see a world where platforms are easy to use and integrate into Martech stacks, serving as a foundational technology to build upon.

Our Values


We value diversity in all aspects: in thought, perspective, and personal background. We believe that the nature of global and complex problems are best solved with diversity.


We believe that there is nothing you can do just for the sake of technology – that it is all about the human experience. We believe in a collaborative relationship with our clients. We have their back.


Using our expertise in technology and our drive for innovation, we build competitive advantages for our clients.  We strive to create an environment that fosters the professional growth of our teams through a commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and a great client experience.

Our Story

Chassis was created out of a need to simplify the ways in which our digital marketing clients were manually creating and managing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ads. For many marketing teams, bandwidth can be a major constraint, and without an automation tool to streamline campaign creation, scale is an uphill battle.

In 2014, the Co-founders of TangoCode created an operational platform for a digital marketing client, generating 30% year over year growth. They then developed an ad-tech automation platform for a distributed marketing company, resulting in that client's successful acquisition. Finally in 2019, they designed an automated Facebook product for a client, representing $10 million in annual revenue within the first year of its launch.

These three previously unrelated projects led us to believe that ad scalability within the digital marketing landscape was a huge problem, and that automation was the key to solving it.

Chassis is the culmination of years of working in the Martech space alongside hundreds of clients – along with our partners at Google and Facebook – to reduce the complexity of building and scaling quality ads with an easy-to-use interface.