Automate ad campaigns – at scale and in minutes

Chassis is a high-powered ad automation tool that enables digital marketers to streamline, standardize, and amplify their advertising efforts across search and social channels


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Launch and manage every ad from a single tool – all integrated within your existing CRM and tech stack


Chassis is meticulously engineered to help multi-outlet enterprises and multi-location agencies achieve scale through ad automation.

By streamlining operations and enhancing decision-making processes, it empowers organizations to achieve remarkable efficiency gains, ultimately leading to increased revenue and substantial cost reductions.

Seamless Integrations

Chassis APIs are engineered for effortless integration, providing a robust framework that simplifies the seamless connection of ERP stacks and third-party tools. 

This streamlined interoperability not only enhances operational efficiency but also facilitates a dynamic ecosystem, empowering organizations to leverage diverse technologies for optimal performance and adaptability.

Audience Platforms

Chassis goes beyond conventional solutions by facilitating direct access to major audience platforms and DSPs, enabling enterprises and agencies to effortlessly connect with their target prospects. 

This comprehensive support ensures a strategic reach, maximizing the impact of marketing efforts and fostering effective engagement with the right audiences.

Adaptive Interfaces

Chassis' cutting-edge interfaces are thoughtfully designed, offering organizations the flexibility to customize management interfaces tailored to the distinct needs of internal teams and outlets.

With varying levels of control, this adaptability ensures a seamless user experience while accommodating diverse operational requirements, promoting efficiency across the organization.

Budget Management

Chassis consolidates and automates the budget management process of all of your ad campaigns cross-channel. 

With precise pacing and intelligent budget optimization, Chassis dynamically configures budgets to maximize ROI based on your highest priority KPIs.

"We were able to build 33,000 ad campaigns for our rental properties in just one day by using the platform’s automation templates. That same work would’ve taken us an estimated 900 human hours or 112 days to complete!"

VP of Data Products and B2B Marketing
Real Estate Digital Marketing Company

"We were in the process of building out a platform for our clients and desperately needed to cut down on cost and time. Chassis API's gave us a practical engine to power our platform and easily integrate with Google and Facebook. It has continued to save us countless hours and dollars"

Director of Digital & Strategic Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing Company

"Our customer base was outgrowing our bandwidth and the quality of our ads was starting to suffer. With Chassis, we were able to build out an entire campaign that would normally take over an hour in less than fifteen minutes. Chassis allowed us the flexibility to scale our business without having to sacrifice quality or add to our head count"

Real Estate Digital Marketing Company
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