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Chassis enables digital marketers to generate search and social campaigns 4X faster than using Google or Facebook


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Create and manage every search and social ad campaign from a single platform


Chassis seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack so that there’s no time wasted between sign-up and launch

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Chassis’ automated ad guides allow you to launch hundreds of campaigns in minutes so that you can focus your time on what really matters – growing your business.

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Whether you want to make one quick edit, bulk actions across campaigns, or automate budgets for the month, Chassis lets you manage all of your campaigns on one easy-to-use platform.

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"We were able to build 33,000 ad campaigns for our rental properties in just one day by using the platform’s automation templates. That same work would’ve taken us an estimated 900 human hours or 112 days to complete!"

VP of Data Products and B2B Marketing
Real Estate Digital Marketing Company

"We were in the process of building out a platform for our clients and desperately needed to cut down on cost and time. Chassis API's gave us a practical engine to power our platform and easily integrate with Google and Facebook. It has continued to save us countless hours and dollars"

Director of Digital & Strategic Marketing
Automotive Digital Marketing Company

"Our customer base was outgrowing our bandwidth and the quality of our ads was starting to suffer. With Chassis, we were able to build out an entire campaign that would normally take over an hour in less than fifteen minutes. Chassis allowed us the flexibility to scale our business without having to sacrifice quality or add to our head count"

Real Estate Digital Marketing Company
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