How Automation Can Help Real Estate Marketing Agencies

Few industries require marketing agencies to be as nimble as real estate. In some markets, apartments move in a matter of hours, forcing marketers to quickly adapt campaigns and remain abreast of market trends. 

Real estate marketing poses three main challenges for marketers: effectively promoting properties at scale, at the necessary speed, and with the specificity required to capture the many different features that make homes attractive to different renters and buyers. All three of these challenges require that real estate marketers master the leading digital ad platforms to craft enticing and efficient campaigns.

To help multi-family properties and agents master marketing in the fast-paced digital environment, real estate marketers will likely need the help of automation. Let’s explore how automation can help real estate marketers maximize the value of spend by achieving scale, speed, and specificity.

Scaling real estate marketing 

Anyone who’s tried to sell a house or rent out an apartment knows how difficult it can be to market one property. Now imagine being an agency tasked with marketing hundreds or thousands of units for a property management company or brokerage. 

For agencies onboarding as many as dozens of new clients every month, each with any number of apartments or homes to list, efficiency is crucial. And presenting each client’s inventory effectively on the internet’s largest advertising platforms, like Google and Facebook, is a big part of the job. 

To advertise more properties without adding more people or straining existing employees, agencies need to automate Google and Facebook advertising. With bulk actions and intuitive templates, digital marketers can swiftly onboard new property catalogs and easily build campaigns with just a few clicks. This automation gives agencies time to focus on optimizing rather than getting consumed in scraping together the builds to satisfy the major ad platforms. It also means that agencies can pursue growth with confidence they can handle the added load. 

Matching the speed of the market

With listings snatched up in a matter of minutes, up-to-date inventory is crucial for effective real estate marketing. With the help of automation, properties can go to market faster, keeping pace with buyers’ and renters’ demand while ensuring properties reach their desired audiences. 

For digital marketers, there are many repetitive steps in the processes of collecting property information; feeding it to major ad platforms with details, keywords, and targets; and ensuring differentiation across ad groups ranging into the thousands. When marketers only have to enter this information once — and it then auto-populates into all of the necessary fields to build campaigns on Google and Facebook — the process is much faster, allowing agencies to better serve their clients and devote more time to creative challenges.

By leveraging launch forms and intuitive templates, agencies can build thousands of campaigns in minutes. This speed gives digital marketers the time to step back and analyze their efforts from a broader perspective, finding trends in performance and market demand to adjust campaign strategies and add value to their services. 

Capturing what makes each property unique

Mastering real estate marketing is not just about properties going to market faster. In an industry where buyers are often looking for specific features, property listings need to be differentiated with detailed information on their amenities and appealing attributes. 

From dog parks and pools to in-unit washer and dryers, buyers and renters prioritize any number of attributes when looking for a new home, and marketers need to make sure all of their digital ads accurately relay these specific characteristics to reach the people searching for them. With automation, marketers only have to enter this information once, and then the amenities will auto-populate across ad groups. Marketers can ensure accuracy and detail in their campaigns without repetitively filling in boxes for every single build. 

Major digital marketing agencies in the real estate industry are turning to automation tools like Chassis to help them build and launch ads quickly, at scale, and with the specificity to capture what makes each property stand out. These companies use Chassis specifically for building and managing ads on Facebook and Google, which takes an enormous number of hours if done manually. 

As rent demand rises due to housing rate hikes, the market is heating up even more for property managers and brokerages. In a time of steep demand, automation tools help digital marketers add value to their services by taking full advantage of Google and Facebook ads.

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