How Advertisers Can Start to Scale Video

Marketing, much like the entirety of the media landscape, is a competition for views and clicks. Of the types of media, over the past several years, we’ve seen a big bump in the consumption of video content in particular. In fact, the average person now watches 19 hours of online video per week, up roughly 80% from since 2018. While this pattern is consistent across  nearly every cohort, younger generations especially have become accustomed to watching video, meaning this trend is all but guaranteed to continue.

So what does this mean for marketers?

Well for starters, they need to have a video strategy in place. One study found that 72% of consumers prefer to have a video in order to learn about products and services. Videos are more engaging, put less of a burden on the audience to receive the intended message, and are overall easier to process. Any marketer can tell you that more often than not, a video ad well outperforms that of its static counterpart.

It’s not just that videos get more views, decrease bounce rates, and receive more clicks, they also increase conversions. When included on landing pages, videos help increase conversion rates by up to 86%. The positive impact of video on sales is undeniable, representing a huge upside for businesses who can properly tap into its potential.

There’s one big issue this presents for agencies trying to capitalize on the advantages video presents, it’s incredibly difficult to scale. Video ads are achievable for companies selling a singular product, but what about agencies that are responsible for dozens or hundreds of clients with large inventories?  Especially in the case of SMBs, there is not sufficient bandwidth to devote time and resources to video production at this volume. Generating video content is on average much more time-consuming than any other form of media, and with portfolios of thousands of campaigns, manually producing video ads just isn’t conceivable.

Enter: Automation

It’s for exactly these reasons that we here at Chassis have developed the foundation for scaled video. As part of our Chassis Extended offering, digital marketers will have the ability to create video assets at scale across their Facebook campaigns, all in a fraction of the time. With minimal inputs in the form of fully customizable copy and associated images, Chassis Extended is able to transform this information and create video ads for all of your clients.

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