Customizable Platforms: Where Buying Meets Building

Companies are constantly faced with the dilemma of buying versus building. Custom solutions ensure that the product is tailor fit to an organization’s needs, allowing them to achieve the desired level of integration and differentiation to support their goals more effectively. But even when you build custom products, often times the tech at its core is very standard across the board. In other words, custom solutions are hardly that custom. Off the shelf products, on the other hand, drastically reduce the level of investment with respect to both time and money, but may not exactly fit your company’s exact requirements.

The two routes have distinct pros and cons, but should we be forced to choose one or the other? Our philosophy is that a one size fits all model simply does not exist. Prepackaged products can be great – sometimes even for multiple different use cases – but they need to be easily customizable as well.

Chassis is a ready-to-use product that provides the core functions needed to scale digital ads operations across all platforms. From there, you can take the solution and make it your own. Chassis is the platform where out-of-the-box simplicity meets custom solutions. It makes automation technology easy to access for everyone regardless of their experience.

How Chassis Works

Chassis enables companies to generate ads at scale, tune into the metrics that matter most, and generate bulk actions on all existing campaigns. It supports SEM, display campaigns, Facebook and Google ad campaigns, and more.

Again, Chassis is a highly adaptable tool with a range of different ways to support scale efforts. But let’s take a look at the basics of what makes Chassis such a powerful stand alone product:

The Fulfillment Module

The Fulfillment module includes the Template Manager, Build Out, Placement, and Error Management functionalities. Creating search campaigns with hundreds of ad groups, hundreds of relevant ads, thousands of keywords and tens of ad extensions can be both exhausting and incredibly complex. Chassis makes it simple by allowing you to tackle all of these with a single launch form.

  • Utilize Best Practices in All Your Campaigns

The template manager functionality extends the expertise of your top level specialists across every campaign. This means that after the initial set up, any team member regardless of their level of experience can create and manage best in class campaigns in a matter of minutes.

  • Make Your Advertisements as Effective as Possible

In response to the ever-changing landscape of Google and Facebook APIs, Chassis is consistently updated with the latest versions, so you don’t have to ever worry about keeping track of them yourself. Your ads will always have the advantage of following the best possible practices and the ability to optimize your budget across every campaign with ease.

Build Granular, Relevant Campaigns

Creating a powerful campaign from scratch takes time. When you have to repeat it hundreds of times, it opens the door for mistakes and delays. The placement module makes it simple to build hundreds of highly relevant campaigns from a single template. You can define your keywords in bulk, specify automated bidding strategies, define your target audiences, and adjust ad copy according to client preferences.

The Management Modules

Chassis comes equipped with a straightforward widget menu for reporting that is fully customizable. Set up alerts for things like click data, general ad performance, click-through rates, top performing keywords, and more. With narrow in on the KPIs that matter most to you and your clients.

With this reporting, you can harness the power of actionable data from the onset of your campaigns. This ensures that you’ll have the information you need to make the most informed decisions. Based on this data, you can make changes in bulk actions, allowing you to change budgets, bids, status, and more in seconds and across all accounts.

Try Chassis Today

No matter what your business goals may be, Chassis is here to streamline your advertising and help you make more informed decisions. Want to learn more about Chassis and how it can help add to your bottom line? Schedule a time to talk here.

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