Chassis Founded to Streamline Google and Facebook Marketing at Scale

When Veronica Buitron met with Google on behalf of a client three years ago, she could not have anticipated the change it would drive for her own company. 

As CEO and co-founder of the Chicago-based custom software firm TangoCode, Veronica had already been hard at work on this particular job for months before the Google presentation. TangoCode was developing software to help the client, a digital marketing agency, manage Google ads at scale. 

The result was software-based “building blocks” to make the process of creating campaigns at scale more manageable for the digital marketing agency. The tools were specifically designed to interact with Google as an ad platform.  

The client also wanted to become a Google Premier partner, a status that requires making a presentation to the tech giant. Veronica took the lead on demonstrating the new software to Google.

The presentation caught the attention of the Silicon Valley behemoth, which was struck by TangoCode’s innovations to help marketers navigate Google’s ad platform.  “At some point, they were like, ‘And who are you?’” Veronica, laughing, remembered of the meeting’s turning point. 

Impressed with the fresh architecture specifically designed for their own platform, Google provided initial funding and encouragement for the software’s continued development, urging TangoCode to productize the campaign building blocks the company had developed for its marketing agency client.

“We met Google, and then our lives changed forever,” TangoCode co-founder and president Dane Drotts said.

From there, TangoCode set out to create a plug-and-play tool to help companies scale digital campaigns — in a more efficient way than doing an entire custom development process from scratch with each client. Already familiar with the pain point of scaling ads from many of their digital marketing customers, TangoCode wanted to have an efficient tool ready to hand over to agencies.

Helping marketers tackle the biggest ad platforms 

Developing the new product, the TangoCode team eventually landed on software designed specifically to help digital marketers navigate Google and Facebook, the two leading digital ad giants. 

“Chassis is a platform that creates, manages, and reports digital marketing data at scale,” said Franklin Buitron, TangoCode’s principal engineer and Chassis’ technical architect. “We try to expose the user to a simplified version of digital marketing while we solve all the complexity,” he added. 

By leveraging automation, Chassis enables companies to generate thousands of differentiated digital ads without adding more people or hours. Its intuitive templates automatically update alongside Google and Facebook’s frequent ad requirement changes to ensure compliance. 

The platform is perhaps most notable for its speed. “When you need to build 50 [ads] a day, that’s going to take a couple of days for one person, versus an hour maybe in Chassis,” said Aric Drotts, a project manager who has worked with clients on implementing the tool. 

This speed saves marketers valuable time. “Now their team has time to actually focus on making things better in the campaign, like tweaking the creative or the keywords. They have that time now because they’re not wasting it creating things from scratch.” 

Aric especially enjoys doing demonstrations of the product for new clients. “In two minutes, I have something up and running in Google or Facebook. They love that,” he said. 

From real estate and automotive businesses to digital marketing agencies working across all verticals, companies use Chassis to efficiently master advertising on the largest digital platforms. With analytics and budget pacing capabilities to boot, Chassis is helping companies across industries conquer digital marketing, whether they’re using the tool as a standalone product or an integration with other systems. 


Toeing the line between custom and SaaS 

Chassis offers the affordability of a one-off tool while still providing ample opportunities for customization. “There is a need for a platform that is flexible enough to customize to support each business’ unique needs, but at the same time, they don’t have to pay for the development of the whole thing,” Veronica said.  

Of Chassis’ current slate of customers, some are using the product as is, while others have worked with TangoCode to create custom solutions that start with Chassis as the framework. As an agnostic tool, it can integrate with any existing system through APIs, making it flexible enough to fit into any tech stack. 

In fact, the software’s name comes from Dane’s childhood memories of building flexible frameworks. “I grew up on a farm in western Kansas, so I worked on cars all the time with my dad,” he said. “When we would build a car, we’d have to set up the chassis. Then we started modifying it, adding pieces to it.” 

Just like its namesake, Chassis offers out-of-the-box capabilities with room for customization to meet specific needs. It’s a universal foundation for clients to unlock digital marketing differentiation, and businesses can start using it in just one week, compared to the months-long development process and hefty price tag that custom solutions entail. 

The flexible framework sets the stage for digital marketers to build something bigger, facilitating ease with the largest ad platforms and allowing businesses to get in on huge audiences by easily creating and managing ads at scale.

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