Real Estate Ads at Scale


Rent., a leading digital marketing solution for the real estate rental industry, leveraged Chassis to help rental property management companies deliver search and social ads through their platform. The result was an increase in website traffic and lead acquisition for their clients and over $5M in additional revenue for Rent. within the first year.

High Level Features:

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Automatic Facebook Leads Ads creation
  • Fully automated product live in less than 24 hrs
  • Ads Previews sent to client by email without human intervention
  • Stop and Start of campaigns based on SalesForce Orders


Rent. had an extensive amount of rental market data available to target in-market renters, but they didn’t have a way for their clients to make good use of these resources. They knew that if they could enable their clients to generate ad campaigns at scale using this data, it would lead to a large uptick in new business for their clients while adding an entirely new revenue stream for themselves.

Rent. supports thousands of users on their platform. so whatever they used needed to be able to handle a high volume of traffic. The solution also had to be cost-effective and easily integrated into their existing platform. Additionally, given that many of their clients had little to no digital marketing or advertising experience, the tool had to be intuitive and easy to use.


Chassis was integrated into Rent.'s platform and made available to thousands of clients. These users can now create relevant ads with a high degree of personalization for each property based on Rent.'s extensive data, all while minimizing time and reducing room for human error.

Chassis helps rental companies achieve ads at scale and connects with in-market renters on key platforms including Marketplace Ads,,, and more.


Chassis has given Rent. clients the ability to create highly targeted, relevant ads at scale to in-market renters at the exact time of their search. The combination of valuable data and innovative technology has given them a more effective way to deliver search and social campaigns which means more leads for their clients compared to in-house efforts or with standard digital marketing agencies.

This new offering on Rent.'s platform has generated over $5M of revenue for Rent. within the first year after integration.


AWS Cloud Computing
Lambda Step Functions
Microservices architecture
API Gateway
AWS DynamoDB
Aurora (MySQL)
React js
Chassis Engine