Real Estate Self-Serve Ad Platform


Real estate agents in Apartment SEO's network wanted to bring ads in-house. We developed an automated software that simplified ad creation and management for agents with no previous digital marketing experience. The process allows them to scale industry expertise across every ad, delivering a much higher quality of campaign.

High Level Features:

  • Specials Opt-in
  • Subscription base model
  • Integration with Stripe for Payment
  • Packages for opt-in of campaigns
  • Self management of budgets and campaigns
  • Oauth with Google to get access to client’s MCC
  • Self-Service Application integrated with their website


An agency specializing in Real Estate started to see bigger groups wanting to bring ad delivery in-house. The challenge was delivering a DIY solution that leverages their deep industry knowledge.


We’re currently developing a simple to use, DIY solution that leverages Chassis (already the product they used internally) to completely automate the ad delivery process.


A self-service solution currently under construction that will be developed in 4.5 months.


AWS Cloud Computing
Microservices architecture
Lambda Step Functions
React js
Chassis Engine
Stripe Integration