Real Estate Agent Ads Platform


KW Command platform provides a self-service solution for agents to create their ads, but it didn’t have a solution to activate listings at scale, limiting their ability to take advantage of Facebook features that increase the quality of ads.

High Level Features:

  • Listings Management
  • Integration with Facebook Catalogs
  • Provide APIs for their Command platform to send listings
  • Notification system to sync reporting information between systems.


KW's ad platform could not adequately scale and serve their agents' needs.They required a dynamic solution that could achieve scale, handle millions of listings being updated constantly, and the integration had to be seamless so as to not interrupt any active campaigns.


We extended our automation tool Chassis to help power their platform and process every bit of data in real-time so that their agents could run more effective, dynamic ads within Facebook.


KW will have all of its listings (around 4 million) in multiple Catalogs on Facebook that will update daily. This will allow agents to promote properties in real-time based on availability using Dynamic Lead Ads.


AWS Cloud Computing
Microservices architecture
Lambda Step Functions
React js
Chassis Engine